India, Pak. tensions a bit less heated now: Trump

Willing to help, U.S. President reiterates

American President Donald Trump on Monday again offered to help with the “conflict” between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

“Well, India and Pakistan are having a conflict over Kashmir, as you know. I think it’s a little bit less heated right now than it was two weeks ago, and I’m willing to help them. I get along with both countries very well. I’m willing to help them if they want. They know that that is out there,” Mr. Trump said to a question, while addressing reporters here.

Mr. Trump had set off a diplomatic kerfuffle between India and the U.S. when he said Prime Minister Modi had asked him to mediate in the dispute. These comments were made during Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s July visit to the White House, prior to India’s abrogation of special status for Kashmir.

Since then Mr. Trump has met Mr. Modi (at the G7 meetings in Biarritz, France) and had telephone calls with him and Mr. Khan. At a joint press interaction prior to the Modi-Trump bilateral, Mr. Modi reiterated that Kashmir was a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

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