2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to 3 scientists for development of lithium-ion batteries

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been jointly awarded to John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been jointly awarded to John B Goodenough of the US, Britain’s M Stanley Whittingham and Japan’s Akira Yoshino for the development of lithium-ion batteries, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on Wednesday.

The lithium-ion batteries have reshaped energy storage and transformed cars, mobile phones and many other devices in an increasingly portable and electronic world. The award was announced by Göran K Hansson, Secretary General of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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Lithium-ion batteries are used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles. “They have revolutionised our lives,” the Swedish academy’s official Twitter handle for Nobel Prize tweeted. “Through their work, this year’s Chemistry Laureates have laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society,” said the tweet.

The Nobel committee said the lithium-ion battery has its roots in the oil crisis in the 1970s, when Whittingham was working to develop methods aimed at leading to fossil fuel-free energy technologies, reported AP.

The prizes come with a 9-million kronor (USD 918,000) cash award, a gold medal and a diploma that are conferred on December 10 — the anniversary of Nobel’s death in 1896 — in Stockholm and in Oslo, Norway.

On Tuesday, the Physics Nobel was given to a Canadian-American cosmologist and two Swiss scientists. This year, the Nobel Prizes are being announced between October 7 and 14, in the following order: October 7 (Medicine), October 8 (Physics), October 9 (Chemistry), October 10 (Literature), October 11 (Peace), October 14 (Economics).

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Events began Monday with the award announcement for Physiology or Medicine. The Chemistry prize will be announced on Wednesday.

This year’s double-header Literature Prizes will be awarded Thursday and the Peace Prize will be announced on Friday. The economics prize will be awarded in the last — on October 14.

The 2018 literature prize was suspended after a scandal rocked the Swedish Academy. The body plans to award it this year, along with announcing the 2019 laureate.

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