Where Athiya-Rahul Will Marry

The venue for Athiya Shetty’s wedding with cricketer K L Rahul is reportedly Jahaan, her home in Khandala.
The bungalow, which looks like heaven on earth, has been kept so by her parents Mana and Suniel Shetty.
A sneak peek where the actor and batter will get married on Monday, January 23, 2-23.

This feature was first carried in February 2022.

Have you ever been inside Suniel Shetty’s beautiful holiday home in Khandala?

Aptly named Jahaan, the sprawling bungalow with a beautiful garden is truly a work of wonder.

Since the actor and his wife Mana Shetty love nature, it runs as a theme through his house, in the form of plants, beautifully-sculpted wood and even big rocks blending in with the design.

The fifth season of Asian Paints’s Where the Heart Is begins with Suniel Shetty’s home, and we take you inside.


The house was named Jahaan by Suniel’s father Veerappa Shetty because the house means the world to him.


The house was built 17 years ago, and there’s a beautiful story behind why he chose the site to build on it.


Suneil Shetty tells the story in this video, and also shows us the fantastic ‘climax’ in true Hindi movie style.

No, the climax is not the breathtaking retractable roof, which allows the family a glorious view of the sky.


The garden outside his home.


A dazzling view of the valley below.


This is Khandala, in its prime.


There’s a bridge over the waters in his plot too.


Inside Suniel Shetty’s den.

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