What Will Smith Really Thinks About Jada's 'Red Table Talk' — Plus, Jaden's Batman Prom and 'Aladdin'

The Genie actor also recalls the totally unexpected and completely unorthodox greeting he got from the Crown Prince of Jordan.

Will Smith may be promoting his own project, Disney’s live-action "Aladdin," but he took a few moments during his visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to talk about his wife’s Facebook series, "Red Table Talk."

The Genie star also spoke about the unorthodox greeting he unexpectedly got when he arrived in Jordan to film the movie there, as well as how he and Jada Pinkett Smith handled it when their son Jaden told his prom date he was going to dress in a white Batman suit.

Sure, it’s totally on brand for Jaden, but it came as a bit of a shock to the girl and even more of a shock to her father, who apparently called the Smiths with his concerns.

"I’m just calling you guys for a little help here," Will said the man told him and his wife. "Jada said, ‘Sir, listen. I am really sorry, but here’s the truth. Just tell her to uninvite him … Jaden is not a prom-date kind of kid."

Will tried to approach the matter more directly, actually talking to Jaden about his plans. Mind you, this was the day before the prom that Jaden informed his date of his costuming plans. "So I tried to talk to him," Will told Jimmy Kimmel. "Jaden man, it’s the girls’ day. You can’t wear a Batman suit to the girl’s prom, man."

Jaden’s compromise, he said he’d wear a tie. And he totally did. Will then said that afterward, Jaden made it a point to come to him and point out that he was trending number one worldwide, just ahead of ISIS. "He looked at me and he said, ‘Dad, I agree with you something’s wrong with the world, but it’s not me.’"


It was actually Jimmy Kimmel who brought it up, specifically because the latest episode of the popular chat show had Jada Pinkett Smith admitting to an "unhealthy relationship" with porn to daughter Willow and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Kimmel asked will who it was more upsetting to hear that about, his daughter, wife or mother-in law.

"I know!" Will exclaimed. "It’s all bad."

When Kimmel asked him if the ladies ever ran their topics by hi, he quickly shut down that idea. He then joked that he never watches the show. "’Cause they be telling all our business," he exclaimed. "They telling all our business."

In truth, though, he has nothing but love for the women in his family and this venture they’ve created. "It’s actually fantastic, the episodes I could bear," he said. "And they sit down for this really wide open, raw conversation across the generations."

The show has become a runaway hit for Facebook, and has not shied away from talking about tough topics involving all three women, as well as their families. So yes, Will’s name has come up, and he’s even dropped by a time or two.


Vast parts of "Aladdin" were filmed in Jordan, which meant for Will Smith and the crew a meeting opportunity with the Royal Family, including Prince Hussein.

"It’s a royal family, so there’s all the rules," Will told Jimmy. "There’s like an hour prep where they explain all of the rules of how to deal with the royal family … You get all your stuff because you don’t want to be an asshole and disrespect the royal family."

But after going through the course and awaiting the crown prince’s arrival, Smith was in for quite a surprise.

"I’m waiting in the lobby — and I have to stand by myself and all of that — and a Range Rover pulls up and His Highness is sitting in the driver’s seat," Will marveled. "He goes [beep-beep], ‘Hey, Will, buddy, come on. Let’s go!’ So I hop in the passenger seat and me and him just drive off. And he’s like, ‘Aw man, I’m glad those guys are gone.’"

That’s exactly the kind of wild and frenetic energy Robin Williams based his whole career on, and infused into his original take on Disney’s Genie, so it was certainly an appropriate welcome for Will Smith into the country of Jordan and one of the most nerve-racking characters he’s ever taken on.

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