Was That Nani’s Mistake With Jersey?

Despite getting average talk, few films are able to mint huge crores. And though Nani’s Jersey got a big round of applause from all the critics, thereby fetching huge ratings as well, the film ended up as 25+ crores share getter. Where is Nani failing to take his films to 50 crores club?

If we observe the trend of films that released this summer, the ones that got average ratings are promoted quite high. Those films like Majili and Maharshi that got star power have promoted the film rigorously for a week post the release. That helped these films get more collections quite easily.

Coming to Nani, his biggest mistake seems to be that he hasn’t promoted the film well after the release. He should have visited many theatres, called in success meets, organized special shows for cricketers or some cricket playing kids, did more media interviews and many more. That stuff would have taken Jersey to a new club.

Perhaps Nani is not able to break into big revenue clubs because he is not promoting his films quite aggressively unlike others. For the kind of content he picks, acting he delivers on the screen, surely extended promotions are the key to get huge revenues.

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