Varma’s Ranting On Kammas: None Noticing it

Like the way, he provoked Pawan Kalyan’s fans, like the way he spoke about Jr NTR, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has targeted the Kamma community now. But he’s said to be beating heads as to why he’s not getting the right attention from media over this.

Whenever Varma makes some fuss on Twitter, usually TV channels pick it up and come up with various debate programs. Even though Varma can’t make some successful films in recent times, his publicity campaigns are highly successful for the kind of controversy he pulls in. But for ‘Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Redlu’, no matter how much fun RGV is making of one community, there is no reaction anywhere.

Other day Varma has even tweeted that Kammas should not bite him like mosquitoes but should bark at him like dogs. He accused that some Kammas living abroad have got hold of his phone number and are trying to threaten him from foreign numbers.

Despite Varma making such claims, not even a single channel took up the news, because right now the mood in Andhra Pradesh is all about YS Jagan and the new government.

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