Tholiprema Director To Set Sirish’s Career Right?

‘Tholiprema’ director Venky Atluri has delivered a dud ‘Mr Majnu’ with his second film and that makes the director’s career itself a bit tough as he needs to prove himself first. And how could he set Allu Sirish’s career right and straight?

Actually, we’re talking about the original Tholiprema director Karunakaran, who has given a stupendous break to Pawan Kalyan’s career back in the 90s. Reports are coming that recently Karunakaran has narrated a love story to Sirish and if all goes well then Geetha Arts might produce this film.

But if we have to go by Karunakaran’s track record, he has not single hit to his credit after ‘Darling’. Films like Endukante Premanta, Chinnadana Nee Kosam and Tej I Love You have ended up as big disasters. With this, many are wondering if Sirish is taking the right decision to work with this director.

However with Geetha Arts taking care of all other aspects, surely ‘story’ will not be a trouble.

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