Suriya: I have no intention to seek publicity by insulting anyone with ‘Jai Bhim’

The actor responded to criticism from PMK youthwing leader Anbumani Ramadoss that his film ‘Jai Bhim’ had insulted Vanniyars

Actor Suriya Sivakumar responded to criticism levied by PMK youthwing leader Anbumani Ramadoss that the actor’s recent OTT release Jai Bhim had insulted Vanniyars, by countering that he and the film’s crew had no intention to insult any community. In fact, changes were made to the film immediately after a few such instances were pointed out.

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Mr. Suriya said, “I am doing by best to improve the lives of fellow human beings. I have the support and love from people across India belonging to all sections of society. I have no need or intention to seek publicity by insulting anyone.”

In a statement, Mr. Suriya said that while he accepted that freedom of speech should not be used to insult any particular community, the Right to Freedom of Speech should also be protected from any attack against it.

“The film is not a documentary and it begins with a disclaimer that the story is fictionalised, based on a real incident. It also states that the incidents, and names do not refer to anyone or any incident in particular,” he said, adding, “Those who do not really care about vulnerable will use their power against them. In this aspect, caste, religion, language and race doesn’t matter. There is evidence to prove this throughout the world.”

Mr. Suriya said a similar criticism made by Dr. Anbumani that the character of a police officer was named ‘Gurumurthy’ to hint at late PMK leader J. Guru, was also made by others who claimed that the character has been named after another personality.

“If the name of the antagonist is believed to refer to someone or the other in every case, there is no end to it. The voice of protest against injustice should not be turned into politics of ‘names’ and diluted,” he added.

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