Salman Khan responds to trolling over his acting: ‘To act like me, you need a lot of courage and heart’

Salman Khan took on trolls and hate as he responded to mean comments in a no-holds barred conversation with his brother Arbaaz Khan on his chat show Pinch's second season.

Salman Khan took on trolls and mean comments as he sat down with brother Arbaaz Khan in the new season of his online show, Pinch. In a sneak peek of the episode with his ‘bade bhaiya’, actor Salman Khan responded to the comments in a no-holds barred.

Salman responded to comments about the quality of his acting, the fact that he has stolen the money of his fans and how he invariably gets stuck with controversies that he has nothing to do with.

Arbaaz, in the promo, introduced Salman as “the ever Chulbul and my bade bhaiya, Salman Khan”. As the two brothers start chatting, Arbaaz is seen reading out hate comments about Salman, and the Bharat actor reacts to them like a pro while being calm and composed.

In the video, Salman is seen saying that he does not check the likes or comments on any of his posts after sharing them. Arbaaz read out a comment in which a social media user claims that Salman got ‘well-settled’ by taking their money and demanded it back. Salman says, “Paisa nahi churaya, shayad dil churaye honge (I didn’t steal any money, I must have stolen hearts).”

Yet another person claims that Salman is a pro at ‘dikhawa wala acting (showboating)’. “Theek hai, aap bhi kar lo. Dikhawe wale acting mein bhi na ek bohot bada seena aur bohot bada gurda chahiye hota hai (Okay, then you do it too. Even to show off, you need a big heart and courage),” responded Salman.”

Salman also says that not everyone can handle social media and a lot of people think that it makes them anonymous, but the cyber crime team can track offenders in a ‘second’. He also said that no matter how good an actor one is, they cannot hide their true personality forever.



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Salman also talked about how, as a celebrity, even saying ‘no comment’ gets blown up. “People make so much ado of that ‘no comment’ and say that he does not want to speak even though others are willing to talk about it,” he says.

Salman also commented that he is the one who gets stuck with controversies he has nothing to do with, adding that his family also gets sucked in due to this.

Arbaaz also shared a teaser of the show featuring his star-studded guestlist, featuring Anil Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Ayushmann Khurrana, Farah Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Rajkumar Rao, Tiger Shroff and more. In the teaser of Pinch 2, all these stars are shown opening up and reacting to the trolls that attack them online every now and then.

Pinch season 2 will start streaming from July 21.

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