'RHOBH' Cast Thinks Camille Grammer Is Scared of Lisa Vanderpump

“I wonder if that’s, you know, is she afraid to really say how she feels about Lisa Vanderpump?” Erika Jayne asks.

Camille Grammer has been accused of being "wishy-washy" and "two-faced" all season long, and her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars seem to think it’s because she’s scared of Lisa Vanderpump.

Tuesday’s episode of the Bravo series documented the end of Camille’s fabulous Hawaiian wedding that almost everyone — including frenemies Teddi Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley — managed to attend. Camille’s close friend, Lisa Vanderpump, did not. She told Camille she didn’t want to run the risk of awkward encounters with the other ladies after PuppyGate. It’s important to note Lisa was also MIA from Camille’s bridal shower because she claims Kyle Richards forgot to invite her, but Kyle’s certain LVP received the invite.

The day after her big day, during brunch with her co-stars, Camille said that "Lisa should have been here — to be here for me and to dismiss all of this." Later, when the ladies were on their way back to their hotel, they saw an article PEOPLE had just released in which Camille was quoted saying Lisa "encouraged" her to get married a second time and that she had been nothing but supportive of her. The women — particularly Lisa Rinna — "lost it."

"As Lisa Rinna said so eloquently, she’s just so flip-floppy all the time," Dorit said during Tuesday’s "RHOBH After Show."

"I wonder if that’s, you know, is she afraid to really say how she feels about Lisa Vanderpump?" asked Erika Jayne, who was sitting beside Dorit. "If you say something in one company, why aren’t you consistent? Is it because you’re afraid, or because you’re saying you don’t feel that way? Like, what is it?"

"Camille’s never done anything wrong to me, and Camille’s been nothing but nice to me," Erika made sure to note, "but it’s hard then to trust in someone like that. Like, what am I getting? What is this? Is this at face-value? It’s difficult."

As one of Camille’s bridesmaids, Kyle was just as upset by the perceived hypocrisy.

"Camille had been saying that she was very hurt that Lisa didn’t come to her wedding and that she wished she could have been there and it’s such an important day," she said to Teddi, also on the "After Show." "And then when we’re leaving Hawaii, Lisa Rinna gets some tweet with a PEOPLE magazine article saying, ‘Exclusive! Camille Grammer’s Wedding: Thank God for Lisa Vanderpump!’"

"We’re like, ‘She didn’t even show up to your shower or your wedding!’" Kyle continued. "And we all left our families to come here! We don’t care that she said something nice about Lisa! You were saying negative things, and now you’re saying nice things in the press — and she’s not even here!"

Teddi, who along with Dorit has had a few spats with Camille this season, chimed in, "I think she tells whoever she’s talking to what she thinks they wanna hear."

Kyle grimaced uncomfortably.

"I think she wanted to have a bigger story and talk about Lisa Vanderpump because it had already been rumored that Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t filming with us," Teddi continued. "’I’m her savior and I miss her and she’s been so amazing to me, and now, we can talk about that!’"

Still awkward and uncomfortable, Kyle added, "I think that’s pretty, uh, clear."

"We lost it. We lost it!" Rinna said of the moment she saw the article. "We had just gotten in the van, and this article comes out, and we were so f–king pissed off! We were all like, ‘F–k this!’"

Denise Richards, who couldn’t attend the wedding because of a prior work commitment, added, "They lost it because they changed schedules, left husbands, kids to fly for her wedding. That’s not a close place to go to, Hawaii. Beautiful, but still! I think a lot of them felt slighted."

Teddi even went so far as to say, "Knowing what I know now, I wish I wouldn’t have gone." And after watching some of the negative things Camille said to Rinna behind her back, Dorit, too, was confused as to why she scored an invite.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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