Ramona Singer Responds to Luann de Lesseps' 'Mean Girl' Dig: 'Luann Isn't the Most Intelligent Woman' (Exclusive)

“She’s not really in touch with anything if you just see how she talks and what she says,” the “Real Housewives of New York” star tells TooFab.

"Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer seems to think Luann de Lesseps’ recent "mean girl" dig was simply a result of poor verbiage.

"Luann isn’t the most intelligent woman on this planet, so she doesn’t have a good way to describe things or good adjectives," Ramona told TooFab during an interview Monday. "She’s not really in touch with anything if you just see how she talks and what she says. Everything she says does not make sense. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because people who know me, that’s the last thing I am. I am the most giving, warm, so-there-for-you person that you’ll ever meet."

After rattling off the many "RHONY" feuds she’s tried to appease (Bethenny Frankel vs. Carole Radziwill, Sonja Morgan vs. Dorinda Medley), Ramona said she’s even tried to help Luann understand why her co-stars are fed up with her and her obsession with cabaret.

"I tried to explain to her why everyone’s upset with her. Of course, I couldn’t get through to her," Ramona said before mimicking Lu. "’Oh, they’re just jealous, darling.’"

"I always try to be the peacemaker," she continued. "I mean, where I get myself in trouble is I have an unfiltered mouth, and some things should not be said. Whether they’re true or not, you should keep your goddamn mouth shut. And I’m trying, but it doesn’t quite happen all the time."

One of those moments occurred during Season 11, Episode 3. In speaking to Sonja about the overdose and death of Bethenny’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, Ramona blurted out, "How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs!" She’s since apologized to Bethenny via text and Twitter and told us the two are currently on friendly terms.

Luann recently said she felt Sonja was "on something" during the group’s Miami vacation, which viewers got to see last week. As soon as the ladies arrived at their stunning estate, Sonja started pounding mojitos. As a result, she tried to pee in the bathtub, screamed about how everyone goes after her exes, fell over multiple times, told Bethenny she would "knock her out" and then nodded off at dinner before smacking her face on the dining room table. Luann said numerous times she felt Sonja was combining alcohol with pills, but Sonja denied she was doing anything other than drinking alcohol and being herself.

When we asked Ramona if she felt Sonja behaved differently in Miami than she’s behaved during other drunken "RHONY" adventures, she replied, "Well, I’ve never seen her fall down like that so early in the night. That usually doesn’t happen until like 2 o’clock in the morning! It doesn’t happen at 7 o’clock at night. She started too early, and she took it too far. But that’s Sonja. She doesn’t hurt anyone, but she missed out on the fun by crashing early."

We also asked the series OG how she’s changed from Season 1 to now, and her lengthy response was quite insightful.

"Season 1, I was madly in love and happily married and had a partner that I thought was for life," she explained. "And now, I’m gonna be selling the family home — the apartment that we had for 22 years — and moving into a new place as a single woman without a partner or a husband. I’m single! I never expected to be single, but I’m living my life, and it’s all okay."

"I’m realizing in life as a woman that it’s really important to be happy with yourself first and surround yourself with married friends, single girl friends, single guy friends, married girl friends — people to fill your life," she continued. "Because you could be happily married or have a partner, and God forbid — forget about if you get divorced or have an affair — what if he gets tragically ill? Or gets a disease and is bedridden for 6 months? Or goes into a coma? Or dies suddenly?"

"You just realize that you have to fill your life. You can’t depend upon one person to be your all to you. And that’s really what happened with me when I got divorced, because I had a full life," she went on. "Being my age now, I have married girl friends who’ve been married for 30 years who complain about their husbands. I have girl friends who have partners — they complain about their partners. I have girl friends who are single that complain about being single. I have girl friends that have boyfriends — they complain about their boyfriends. The point is, you have to be happy with yourself, ladies! No one’s always happy with what their life is as far as their social, sexual, boyfriend, lesbian life or gay life is. That’s what I came to the realization of, and that’s a pretty big realization for me to come to."

Ramona said she learned that lesson the hard way, though, telling us that at the age of 22, she found herself overly preoccupied with her live-in then-boyfriend. After that, she met and fell in love with fan-favorite Househusband Mario Singer. "We were the dream couple," Ramona told us. But after 23 years of marriage, Mario had an extramarital affair, and the two decided to go their separate ways.

While the circumstances surrounding the divorce and the divorce itself were extremely painful for Ramona and their only daughter, Avery Singer, Ramona says she and her ex are "on a good page." He’s even made a few cameos this season. "It’s like old times. You could see the banter. We had good banter going on," she told us.

As far as dating is concerned, Ramona says "nothing goes past four or five dates."

"Nothing sticks," she said. "I mean, they like me, I guess. But I think once you’re married and you have children and you’re at the stage where I am — I’m financially independent, I don’t need a man to support me — I need a man to support me emotionally and be my best friend and companion and lover. So all of a sudden, you’re not gonna settle. It’s just a different head space."

"I don’t need a billionaire or anything like that, but see, a lot of men are intimidated by women who are successful, outgoing, pretty. It’s difficult! I’m in the 1 percent," she added. "And I’m on a TV show, and a lot of men don’t want to be with a woman who has that exposure. They wanna be the peacock… And I love doing this show, so it takes a man who’s very secure to be able to handle me being on the show — and even handle me! ‘Cause you know, I have a mouth. I’m not like this wall flower. I say what I feel."

And one of the many times Ramona has said what she feels this season has been in regard to newcomer Barbara Kavovit. From the start of Season 11, Ramona’s said she doesn’t like Barbara, but she told us she should have elaborated on that statement. She explained she didn’t like Barbara because she felt "protective" of Dorinda (she and Barb got into a spat this season) and because she felt Barbara was isolating Luann from the group following Lu’s intervention. But by the sounds of it, things are much better now.

"I do respect Barbara. I do respect her tremendously," Ramona told us. "She’s a single mom, she’s self-made and she has a very warm heart. Look at what she did to help Luann. She literally stopped doing her business to help Luann."

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