Pawan’s Gift; Renu’s Denial; Why Media Believed It?

Apparently the buzz grew heavy that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has brought a new apartment near Financial District (Gachibowli) such that his son and daughter from first wife Renu Desai will stay there whenever they come to Hyderabad. The news became a headline with some leading Telugu news channels streaming it on prime time news.

With Renu Desai sharing a huge emotional post that she has purchased the flat with her hard earned money and saying that she didn’t take anything like alimony or any gift from her ex-husband, many got shocked. Why would mainstream media not verify facts and air news pieces about Pawan gifting flat to Ex-wife is the main question here.

Actually, Pawan has signed three films back to back and two of them are in shoot mode already. While he is shooting for Pink remake and Krish movie, Harish Shankar’s film will take off soon. For these three movies, he’s supposed to be taking home somewhere between 100-150 crores of remuneration. This led to a belief that maybe he has purchased that flat, which costs only 5 crores.

But after Renu’s denial, it looks like the news just went off from the headlines and the clarification is yet to come on channels and papers.

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