Naagin 5, 21st November 2020, written update: Veer and Bani dance; Kaali shakti and Bani have a gruesome fight

The episode begins with Bani and Veer dancing. As they dance, they are trying to find out something secretly. Veer tries to flirt with Bani. Suddenly, Jai starts to start dancing with Bani and takes her away. Jai takes her to a corner and tells her that she would be weak today becuse of aadha chaand. He tells her that he will protect her. Veer is meanwhile searching for Bani. Jai and Bani come to a garden. Jai leaves to get some wood to burn so that they feel warm. A strangle looking bird appears in front of Bani. That woman is Veer’s mom and she says that she will kill Bani. Both of them get into a fight. Jai is watching them fight. Just then, Veer comes and sees his mom lying on the froud. He takes her awar even as Bani is trying to explain her that she is kaali shakti.

It is later revealed that Veer’s mom is also Jai’s mom. Jai plans to deafeat everyone with his mom. Bani and Jai later get into an argument. Bani tells Veer that her mom and Jai want to kill her. She tells him that Jai can’t be trusted. She asks him if he would help her defeat his mom and end the long dushmani between the cheels and the naagins.

Bani enters Jai’s room and teels him she wants his help. They both try to get intimite. Just them, Jai wakes up from his dream. He finds Bani and as they are talking to each other, Veer comes. Veer loses his cool and tells him that he almost fell for Bani. Veer’s mom is secretly listening to all this. Jai is shocked to know that Bani was against him. Veer tells her that she can’t be trusted. He forcefully takes her away and locks her up in what looks like a glass enclosure. He tells her that the enclosure won’t open unless he wants. He calls her a liar and a farebi. Veer sees her mom and talkes her away. She tells him that Bani must have attacked her becasue of some misunderstanding. Veer’s mom then takes a naagin avatar and enters Jai’s room through the bathroom’s sink. They plan to kill Bani. She tells him that she will kill the cheels as well.

Veer thinks he saw Bani. He goes to check but finds her in the glass enclosure.

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