Naagin 5, 14th November 2020, written update: Jay aka Mohit Sehgal admits to killing Monky, Veer aka Sharad Malhotra reunites with his mother

Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5, 14th November 2020, begins with Bani (Surbhi Chandna) encountering the lady trapped in the closed room, who advises her to leave the dangerous place and that her voice is inaudible to everybody outside. Bani counters her saying that she heard her voice and won’t leave without freeing her, after which she unlocks the lady’s chains, and claims to know that Balwant is behind her plight. Balwant’s scream can then be herd as he’s crestfallen to learn that his son, Monky, has been killed. Bani wonders who could be responsible as she landed in the room beforehand. However, Bani is unable to rescue the lady, who then tells her to flee. Bani promises to return and save her, after which she exposes her snake avatar to the lady and leaves.

Balwant sends Pawan to calls for a doctor who inquires how Monky died before fetching the physician. The former declares that he’s confident Bani is behind his son’s death. Daksh shouts at Bani, accusing of her being suspicious of emerging from Monky’s room, but Veer (Sharad Malhotra) jumps to her defense. Balwant then admonishes Veer for supporting Bani despite she being the prime suspect behind his borther’s death. Bani admits that she did think of ending Monky, but denies that she actually had any part to play in his death, demanding proof of the same. She then confides in Veer that Balwant and co. were behind Noor’s death and that she had overheard their entire conversation, including where they had disclosed their intentions of wanting to molest Noor before eliminating her. Bani points Veer toward Ponky for the truth, revealing that he helped them, and she now remembers full well where they hid Noor’s cadaver.

Bani then tells Balwant that whoever killed Monky was right in doing so, after he doesn’t stop accusing her. Bawalnt then tries to attack her, but is stopped by Veer and Taapish. Balwant warns Taapish to not interfere and again rebukes Veer for becoming blind in love. Veer reminds him that Jay (Mohit Sehgal) is also a snake, to which Balwant responds that he’ll kill both Bani and Jay. However, Shukla rubbishes the theory of Jay being the killer, claiming that the latter hasn’t left his room all day. Jay then shocks everyone by emerging from his room and confessing to kill Monky, but Shukla says he’s lying to save Bani, and Balwant concurs with Shukla.

Bani calls Balwant an even bigger liar and questions him before everyone about the lady he’s hiding in the house. At that moment, she notices the lady trying to escape and quickly points her out to Veer. Bani and Veer follow and catch up with her and Bani tells her top not be afraid and tell Balwant everything. However, aa bigger twist occurs when Veer calls her his mother. He asks her why she had abandoned him, but is overjoyed to know she remember him. They embrace and Veer takes her inside the house to introduce her to Taapish. Tapish, too, gets emotional, but the lady is also afraid seeing Balwant, disclosing to everyone that he had locked her up. Bani reassures her tant no harm will befall her henceforth and takes her upstairs while Veer tells Jay to vacate the room he’s occupying for his mother.

Veer then fights with Balwant for locking his mother, after which he returns to his mother to spend some quality time with her, showing her his pictures and old toys and reminiscing his childhood. Bani is taken aback by his new, soft side. She tells herself that he doesn’t deserve so much hatred, but Veer overhears it, and chides her that he should now only receive love. Jay sees this though and reproaches Bani for forgetting that Veer’s true form is that of an eagle and as such, can betray her anytime. Bani then tells Bani that she was very wrong for helping the lady escape.

Bani meet’s Panditji’s wife for advice, who tells her that no one can help her as she was chosen to be an Adi Nagin by Shivji himself, and proceeds to warn her to be careful whom she trusts. Veer tells Bani that she’s now free to leave his house whenever she wishes to and he won’t stop her. Balwant again remonstrates about how Veer could fight for Bani one moment and then ask her to leave the next, proclaiming that he’ll never allow Bani to leave the house, at least not alive. Pawan, too, backs Balwant, but Bani stands up to them and says no one can stop her if she wishes to leave, but for now, she’ll choose to stay, leaving Veer beside himself with joy. Bani decalres to one ad all that she won’t leave the house till her work is done and then goes inside, after which the epiode ends.

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