Major Drama to Unfold in Beyhadh 2; Rudra to Confront MJ

Sony TV’s Beyhadh 2 has been getting intriguing step by step, the producers are including parcel of dramatization and contort to keep the crowd stuck to the show.

MJ is giving his level best to locate a shot the individual who is behind the entire thing. As observed till now, Rajeev gets seized by Amir and taken to MJ. Maya chooses to deal with the circumstance alone and asks Rishi to hold up till night. Maya draws Rishi into the storeroom, where she had the ideal snare set for him. In the interim, MJ is attempting various techniques to break Rajeev rationally. Paras gives intensity of lawyer in Rudra’s organization to MJ.

At last Rudra will become acquainted with about MJ’s deed and stand up to him for seizing and coercing his financial specialist Rajeev by searching him out.

What will occur after the showdown, any suppositions?

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