Mahesh Off To Foreign, But Not Farm!

When they do commercial films, they say that it is for entertaining people. And when they make a movie with a message, they say it is for the welfare of the people. But why not film celebrities could become the reality of what they preach in films?

In recent times, no other big hero promoted their films as intensely as Mahesh Babu did for Maharshi. Ever since the film released on May 9th, Mahesh promoted it like anything else. He met farmers, students, engineers, doctors, fans and many, to talk about the greatness of “Maharshi” movie. As Mahesh and Vamsi Paidipally formulated and propagated the idea of ‘weekend farming’, many wondered if these two would also take up that.

But finally, Mahesh declared that he’s going for a much needed holiday to a foreign country. And that’s a surprise he’s not going to any farm and cultivate some land as the monsoon is set to arrive in next couple of weeks, says netizens.

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