Kerala flood: street vendor’s generosity wins hearts and accolades

Actors Mammootty, Jayasurya appreciate Mr. Noushad for offering his entire stock of clothes to victims.

One of the most heartwarming stories coming out of Kerala which is experiencing floods is about a street vendor in Kochi. When some volunteers were collecting clothes for the victims of the floods, which have so far claimed more than 80 lives, P.M. Noushad offered his entire stock and asked them to take whatever they wanted.

Actor Rajesh Sharma, who was part of the group of volunteers, was stunned by the man’s generosity. He was reluctant to accept the offer, since it was Mr. Noushad’s livelihood.

But the vendor, who returned to Kerala after losing his job in Saudi Arabia because of the nationalisation scheme there, insisted and gave away his entire stock. The video was posted on Facebook by Rajesh.

In a State like Kerala, with its large number of internet users, it took no time for the story of extraordinary kindness to go viral. Mr. Noushad became a star. He was all over television news channels and news websites, not to mention social media.

Actor and producer Thampi Kannanthanam was also touched by Mr. Noushad’s selfless action. He posted on his Facebook page that he wanted to share the loss Mr. Noushad may have suffered on account of his kindness and said he would gift him ₹50,000.

There was another surprise waiting for Mr. Noushad. Superstars Mammootty and Jayasurya appreciated him through phone calls.

Mr. Noushad, who said he had not wanted to let the world know of his action, seems unfazed by all the accolades. He said he was not bothered by the losses he might have incurred.

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