Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother Rita says he maybe infatuated with Nikki Tamboli: ‘My son is young’

Bigg Boss 14 contestants Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli are often seen teasing each other inside the house and now his mother has said that he maybe infatuated with Nikki. Speaking with Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview, Rita Bhattacharya opened up about Jaan, the first confirmed contestant this year. Rita told HT that Jaan does not normally behave the way he is doing around Nikki.

“Maybe he is (infatuated). It is not impossible, you know, my son is young. I mean he is not like this (the way he behaves with Nikki), he is different in his life. But I am liking him. It looks interesting. It is good that Jaan found someone and even Nikki found someone inside the house,” she said.

She added, “I also like him better now. He is vocal, and getting better. He speaks about his feelings so I think he is now getting into the game. I am liking this Jaan – he is confident and bold. He also won a few tasks, it is fun watching him now. I am loving it. (I am) Definitely liking him better now (than the initial few days on the show). Inside the house, there must be so many things and pressures (the contestants face ) that we do not get to see.”

Remembering Jaan’s childhood, Rita said he always wanted music around him. “Even as a small kid, he wanted songs to be played around him. I remember I had to change autos if they did not have music. He would start crying and asking for music and would not stop until I got down and took another one that had a music system. That is how connected he has been with music.”

Asked to if Jaan could trust anyone inside the house, his mother said, “Everyone is playing and changing colours, it is a game. Even Jaan is (changing).So no one can be trusted in this game. In fact, I was angry when Jaan gave away his captaincy for Nishant Singh Malkhani. I was so angry but that is how Jaan is.”

She then shared an incident from Jaan’s professional life and revealed he had recorded an album but the maker ditched him and shot the album with someone else and took away all the credit. “Before going inside, Jaan had recorded an album, he sang and recorded all the songs, composed the music. But later, that person went ahead and took someone else for the video and released the album without Jaan’s name. I was angry but Jaan was like, ‘its ok’. That is how he is. Jaan is that type.”

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Rita also refuted Rahul Vaidya’s claims that he did not know that Jaan’s parents were separated. Rahul had created quite a controversy when he nominated Jaan for evictions and said he did so because he hated nepotism. Host Salman Khan had also chided Rahul over the comments and the contestants also slammed him for the same. “Rahul knew very well, that (the claim) is wrong. He lives in my friend’s building, of course he knew. But that’s him, I got angry and I was hurt the way it affected Jaan,” Jaan’s mom said.

Refusing to comment on her own struggles as a single mother and her equations with Jaan’s father and singer Kumar Sanu, Rita said, “Kumar Sanu said all that he had to in the video. I will just say that I am an honest and dedicated person in all my life. Be it as a sister, mother, wife or even neighbour. I have been dedicated and honest.”

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