HBO series Los Espookys sets summer release date


St. Joseph loses his head within the first few seconds of the Los Espookys trailer, but will he be the only victim in the upcoming, Spanish-language series headed to HBO on June 14?

The bilingual horror comedy, created by Fred Armisen, Julio Torres, and Ana Fabrega, tells the story of a group of horror genre-loving friends who are using their passion to turn a profit. Horror and gore enthusiast Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) starts a horror-for-hire business in present-day Mexico City with his friends Úrsula (Cassandra Cangherotti), her sister Tati (Fabrega), and Andres (Torres) — better known as Los Espookys.

The trailer for the six-episode series is full of the crew’s wacky adventures including Andres’ face-to-face meeting with a strange underwater creature and the lengths he and his fellow Espookys will go to give their clients the nightmares of their dreams using horror movie tropes as their guide.

Speaking of nightmares, Andres will have to deal with keeping his trophy boyfriend Juan Carlos (José Pablo Minor) at bay. There’s nothing scarier than a clingy partner who would rather you both live off the inheritance from his chocolate empire, especially when you’re seeking to unlock the secrets of your past and he’s dead wrong about what you need.

Armisen pops in occasionally, both in and out of a long blond wig, in the role of Renaldo’s beloved uncle who is living his dream in Los Angeles as a parking valet.

The trailer is a sneak peek into a unique series full of retro sound effects, blinged out juice boxes, and B-horror movie feels. Subtitles in both English and Spanish will appear on screen as seen in the 2:06 teaser.

“Los Espookys is for anyone willing to hold and inspect a curious, warm show,” Torres recently told EW. “There are subtitles, yes. That’s an important part of our editing process right now. Ana lost a couple of capital letter T’s from the box HBO gave us for the whole season so there won’t be any T’s in the finale. (That’s not true — I think that would work if you’d hear me say it.)”

Watch the Los Espookys trailer above. The show premieres June 14 on HBO.

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