Chernobyl viewers in meltdown after spotting EastEnders villain Trevor naked

Chernobyl fans have been left stunned by a very familiar face in the new HBO and Sky series, with a former EastEnders villain spotted amongst the cast.

Actor Alex Ferns joins the likes of Stellan Skarsgård in the five-part series, that follows the story of the devastating nuclear disaster in Soviet Ukraine in 1986.

The series sees a group of miners continuing to dig in the fallout in a bid to prevent catastrophe across Europe, despite the severe health risks that came with remaining there.

But fans got more than they bargained for, when EastEnders villain Trevor was shown walking around naked in a scene.

In the aftermath to the horrific incident, Alex’s character Glukhov, a miner, continued working completely nude, as did the rest of the team, explaining it was “too hot for clothes”.

Fans couldn’t get over it, recalling his time as Little Mo’s evil husband on the BBC soap.

Taking to Twitter some viewers admitted they were excited to see him on screen again, as others confessed they couldn't un-see the nudity.

One viewer wrote: “Can't believe I've just witnessed Trevor from EastEnders' c**k and b****cks. What would Little Mo say…”

Another agreed: “Seeing more of Trevor from EastEnders in #Chernobyl than expected.”

A third joked: “Just set eyes on Trevor from EastEnders’ willy.”

Meanwhile, another viewer commented after spotting him: “So that's what happened to Eastenders Trevor. He became a naked soviet miner, gang master.”

Viewers have been left mortified by the graphic scenes on the show, with some of the characters suffering horrific injuries from the disaster.

Many fans confessed they were traumatised by what they were watching, as others shared their interest in the increasingly popular new series.

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