Charan And Upasana Enjoy Wildlife In Africa

When it comes to giving relationship and travel goals, Tollywood has a bunch of couples of Mahesh-Namrata, Samantha-Chay and Ram Charan, Upasana. After we have seen how Mahesh spent time Germany with family and ChaySam had fun in Spain, its time to check what is our mega couple doing.

Currently touring the African nation of Tanzania, Charan and Upsi are actually having fun in the popular Serengeti National Park. They are enjoying the wildlife as they took the safari to catch with some lions, elephants, cheetah and hippopotamus in their natural habitats. What’s more fun than watching wildlife in the wilder plains rather than paying them a visit at the zoo?

They have also learnt few words of the local ‘Swahili’ language such that it will be used to communicate with the local villagers who also work as the servants at the hotel the mega couple is staying. Whether they will staying in Tanzania for a long time or not is yet to be known, but this holiday is something different than the regular.

Cut to films, Ram Charan is taking a break from #RRR post injury, and then NTR also got injured, thereby cancelling the total Pune schedule. The unit is likely to resume the shooting after the summer withdraws its hot claws.

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