Binisutoy movie review: Atanu Ghosh’s film targets the loneliness within

Binisutoy movie review: Atanu Ghosh’s film Binisutoy deals with the void people face in their busy urban lives and the toll it takes.

Binisutoy movie cast: Ritwik Chakraborty, Jaya Ehsaan
Binisutoy movie director: Atanu Ghosh
Binisutoy movie rating: 4 stars

“The mystery of human existence lies not just in staying alive, but in finding something to live for,” said Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his ‘The Brothers Karamazov’. We, as human beings, strive for this “something to live for” all our lives. Some are successful, others barely scrape by, but the struggle goes on. The world may tag one successful if they tick all the boxes — cars, a house, a seemingly perfect and happy family – but scratch the surface and the seemingly perfect life may be hiding a gaping emptiness.

What is this void? What causes it and is it possible to scale its depth? How does one overcome it? Can it become bigger than the person themselves, pushing them over the edge to take one desperate, extreme step?

Atanu Ghosh’s film ‘Binisutoy’, which translates into ‘without strings attached’, deals with this void and its effects on people. It revolves around Srabani Baruah and Kajal Sarkar. Struggling with their respective lives, one day, they decide to participate in a reality show that promises them a sum of Rs 50 lakh. Strangers to one another, they meet at the venue of the reality show. They strike an immediate bond and spend the day together, only to go back to their respective homes. Will they ever meet again?

However, the crux of the matter lies elsewhere, which Atanu reserves for later. It is this twist for which you need to watch ‘Binisutoy’. There is more than one narrative juxtaposing with one another. Without disclosing much, we can say that Atanu has hit the nail on its head. Like his other films, ‘Binisutoy’ too tugs at the heartstrings. It highlights the meaninglessness of urban life, and forces you to re-examine your own.

There are beautiful moments in the film. Like the ones shared between Kajal and his son. Like when Srabani sings a Tagore song. Both Ritwik Chakraborty (Kajal) and Jaya Ehsan (Srabani) are brilliant actors and deliver superlative performances in the film. Kaushik Sen and Chandreyee Ghosh are effective too. The beautiful cinematography by the National Award-winning Appu Prabhakar is a bonus. Debojyoti Mishra’s music adds value to the film, with Jaya’s rendition of Tagore song as the cherry on the cake.

Atanu’s last two films – ‘Robibar’ and ‘Mayurakkhi’ – revolved around two people and their thoughts and actions. ‘Binisutoy’ is the third in the series. It is a film that feeds your soul and leaves one feeling strangely calm.

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