Bigg Boss OTT: Yet ANOTHER CHALLENGE in the house!

Housemates will face shortage of gas supply as their report card verdict isn’t too good!

The new day inside the Bigg Boss house begins with Ridhima Pandit expressing concern for Divya Agarwal as she notices her puffed-up eyes.

Divya explains that she cried the previous night as Shamita Shetty was very rude to her.

Later, Shamita approaches Divya to clear the air, but this time, Divya refuses to discuss things with her, saying she wants to maintain her self-respect.

She also confronts Ms Shetty for asking Raqesh Bapat not to speak to her.

Shamita is annoyed and asks Raqesh about the same. She tells her connection that he can talk to anyone he wants, including Divya, but not all the time.

Soon Bigg Boss announces the BB Factory task to choose the new Boss man and Boss lady.

Shamita and Raqesh are out of the race even before the task starts as the housemates don’t want be see them as Boss lady and Boss man again. They are asked to be sanchalaks.

For the task, the jodis have to collect domino blocks, paint them and arrange them as alphabets of those contestants they don’t want in the task.

Shamita and Raqesh aren’t clear about the rules and don’t know how to go about rejecting the blocks. They also don’t allow the contestants to snatch each other’s blocks which isn’t actually a rule.

In the first round, Shamita and Raqesh end up discarding Karan Nath-Ridhima Pandit and Pratik Sehajpal-Akshara Singh’s blocks.

Pratik argues that his domino blocks are correct but in vain.

Since Shamita and Raqesh are confused about the game, the participants also get confused about how to play the task.

Eventually, Pratik steps in and tells the sanchalakw hat exactly they have to do.

Shamita doesn’t listen to him and continues playing according to her understanding.

Soon, the housemates realise that Pratik is indeed right.

After the BB Factory task ends for the day, Bigg Boss announces that it’s time for the report card.

This time, the audience isn’t happy with everyone’s performance and hence the housemates will to face the consequences.

Because of their average report card verdict, the contestants will get only four hours of gas supply the next day.

Everyone starts discussing about food and how they will manage cooking with four hours of gas supply.

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