BGT viewers blast ‘ridiculous’ show format during live semi-finals

Britain’s Got Talent viewers have lashed out at the show’s “ridiculous” format after they were bombarded with ad breaks after almost every act.

Taking to social media, some called for fewer adverts in order to get to the results quicker, while others claimed the multiple lengthy breaks meant enthusiastic kids were missing bedtime.

One fan tweeted: “Loads of adverts again tonight ridiculous”, while a second complained: “Should rename this programme Britain's got loads of adverts.”

Another quipped that the ads pretty much made up the whole show, tweeting: “Tonight on BGT, adverts #BGT”.

Other viewers were on the same wavelength, with one saying: “Almost time for the next @BGT or as I like to call it #BritainsGotAdverts as its mostly adverts for 90 mins @ITV”.

This was echoed by another who agreed, describing it as “overkill”, while one joked: “Very annoyed that the adverts keep getting interrupted by some acts. #BGT.”

One of the most prominent adverts featuring during this year’s Britain's Got Talent was by M&S.

The partnership with BGT is the brand’s first-ever TV sponsorship deal.

The retailer has sponsored the talent show for the entire eight-week duration, and replaces last year’s sponsor USwitch.

While M&S has not disclosed the value of its deal, previous sponsor allegedly paid £6m for the headline slot in 2017.

Alongside TV sponsorship deal, M&S is running a digital and social media campaign, promoting bespoke Britain's Got Talent content across its channels.

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