Bellbottom movie review and release LIVE UPDATES

Bellbottom movie review and release live updates: Here's what fans and celebrities are saying about the Ranjit Tiwari directorial Bellbottom, starring Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi. The film releases in theatres on Thursday.

Akshay Kumar-starrer Bellbottom is all set to release in theatres on August 19. The film, which also stars Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi in pivotal roles, is one of the first big-scale Hindi movies to release in theatres nationwide after the second lockdown was lifted. While it is still very doubtful how many people will actually turn up to see the movie amid the pandemic, Khiladi Kumar stands by the makers’ decision to have a theatrical release. The film’s story shows a covert operative, played by Akshay, who saves 210 passengers of a hijacked Indian plane.

Earlier, while speaking to the media in a group interview, Akshay had talked about the box office prospects of Bellbottom, “The pressure is that Maharashtra is still closed and 30 per cent of the money comes from Maharashtra. And because only 50 per cent occupancy is allowed so half of the rest of the 70 per cent share is also gone. But we have to take a risk. I am keeping my fingers crossed.”

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Bellbottom trailer was Lara Dutta’s makeover as former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. While fans were taken by the beauty queen’s new avatar, Dutta told that she herself couldn’t believe the transformation upon looking herself in the mirror.  “I couldn’t recognise myself. First of all, being offered to play the role of a personality like Indira Gandhi is a dream come true for any female actor. You wait for years to play such an iconic role on screen. But it is also needless to say that it is a tremendous amount of responsibility as you need to portray a legendary figure correctly on screen,” she said.

Calling it her dream role, Lara said she knew at once upon reading the script the amount of preparation that was needed to portray such an iconic historical figure. She said, “When it came to performance, I knew I had to pull up my socks to make myself believable on screen. There was a lot of prep that went into that as well. I watched a lot of footage and archive videos of Indira Gandhi. I was also lucky to get notes from my father. While he was in the Indian Air Force, he used to serve Mrs Gandhi as her personal pilot. So, he became an integral source of information for me. Through him, I got an insider perspective rather than just what was available to me through the makers and what existed on the internet.”

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The makers of Bellbottom released its trailer recently.

Vaani Kapoor, who plays Akshay Kumar’s love interest in Bellbottom, recently opened up about her experience of working on the film as well. “The makers have kept it a certain way. See, the film is being led by Akshay Kumar’s character. The story is about a plane that gets hijacked. It’s based on these two events that happened in the late 70s and early 80s during Indira Gandhi’s time as the Prime Minister of India. Keeping it very crisp, my part is of this girl who is married to Akshay’s character. She is sweet, refreshing, very lovely. She is also the backbone of his life. As a personality, she is someone who is very level-headed and centered,” said Vaani.

Vaani also told that it’s not very often that actors like her get a chance to perform a well-written part for a female character. “Yes, there is an emergence of women-driven parts but it’s not that easy. The best ones do go to the bigger, credible actors who’ve already achieved a certain amount of stardom. Having said that, one’s aim is to reach that (stardom/popularity), which is helped by working with actors like Akshay Kumar who has a massive audience,” the actor concluded.

Based on the airplane hijackings that took place in the late 70s and 80s, the Ranjit Tiwari directorial will be available to watch in states where theatres have been allowed to function with 50 per cent seating capacity.

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