Amitabh has a life lesson for you

Mandira unwinds, Tiger shoots…

Amitabh Bachchan tells us how to lead our lives with a cup of tea.

थोड़ा पानी रंज का उबालिये
खूब सारा दूध ख़ुशियों का
*थोड़ी पत्तियां ख़यालों की..*

थोड़े गम को कूटकर बारीक,
हँसी की चीनी मिला दीजिये
*उबलने दीजिये ख़्वाबों को*
*कुछ देर तक..!*

यह ज़िंदगी की चाय है जनाब..
इसे तसल्ली के कप में छानकर
*घूंट घूंट कर मज़ा लीजिये…!!*


‘After a long day of work and an event, I just want to unwind and not give a squat!!’ sighs Mandira Bedi.


Tiger Shroff gets ready to shoot.

Guess who this is?


Taapsee Pannu wraps up the shooting of Rashmi Rocket and introduces us to her team:

‘It was literally a war we were fighting. Everyday , every minute , against time against my physical limitations, against covid and against THE injury I contracted. These were my frontline soldiers in this war.

‘@sujeetkargutkar for taking on a gym novice like me and made sure we could achieve a body we can use as a sketch in a muscle anatomy class soon.

‘@sportsphysio_prachi25 for being more confident than I was after my injury that I can bounce back and be even better and stronger than I was ever before.

‘@munmun.ganeriwal who never really made me hate what I was eating everyday because food is much more than just a fuel for the sardarni in me.

‘@crastomelwyn sir for being ever so encouraging from day 1. I have a feeling he has secretly gone n enrolled me in an athletic tournament already you made me feel like I’m actually an athlete !

‘Thank you for being instrumental in this transformation that will be remembered for life ,not just by me 🙂 #RashmiRocket #MySoldiers’


Esha Gupta does some yoga.

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