Hosting IPL-14 in India the right call, says Ness Wadia

The situation deteriorated quickly, feels the Punjab Kings co-owner

Punjab Kings co-owner Ness Wadia on Tuesday backed the BCCI’s decision to host IPL-14 in India amid the COVID-19 threat, saying that was the “right call” before the situation deteriorated quickly.

Wadia welcomed the decision to suspend the league for the time being. “The best decision has been taken given the circumstances. Lots of people are suffering in India,” said Wadia.

As far as hosting the event was concerned, he said: “Due diligence was done before the IPL but no one is perfect. The right call was taken to hold it in India ahead of the World Cup. It is just unfortunate that the situation deteriorated so quickly.

“If the ground staff wasn’t part of the whole bubble then that needs to be fixed. Also cutting down the venues also needs to be considered forward to reduce the risk.”

He said holding the league in the UAE, which hosted it last year due to the pandemic back home, would not have made any difference.

“I don’t think this has got anything to do in a specific country (India or UAE) would have made a difference. Everyone tried their best… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Speaking of criticism by foreign players such as Australia’s Adam Zampa and Andrew Tye, who had flown back to their country after withdrawing midway through the league, Wadia pointed out that the situation was very different when the tournament started.

“Hats off to the Indian players who have been playing non-top in bubbles and not complained unlike some of the foreign players.

“With due respect to the international cricketers, including Zampa, the situation was very different a month ago. They should study the fact that cases were very less when we started.

“During the Australian Open tennis tournament, they shut the city down. People didn’t complain then, why now,” asked Wadia.

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