Woman bags world record title for completing largest hand-drawn maze in 3 months

If you loved solving mazes as a child, a video shared by Guinness World Record may amaze you thoroughly. Even if you didn’t, the intricate design and the hardwork behind the feat will leave you impressed.

Shared on their Facebook page, the video features Michelle Nunley from USA. Nunley achieved the record on September 19 after complete the hand drawn maze. The whole maze took three months to finish. Creating a 104.64 sq m hand drawn maze was no easy task and the video gives a glimpse of the process and labour that went behind it.

“Largest Hand-Drawn Maze – Guinness World Records. It took Michelle Nunley (USA) over 3 months to create the world’s largest hand-drawn maze,” reads the caption.

Take a look at the complete video:

Posted on November 9, the clip has garnered over 2,000 reactions along with numerous comments from netizens. While some were super excited to solve the intricate maze, others dropped clapping hands and fire emojis to laud the amazing feat.

“This is amazing it needed a lot of effort, focus with tons of patience,” pointed out a Facebook user. “I am so eager to solve this,” expressed another. The creator of the maze also commented on the video. “Thanks everyone!! So one of Guinness’ requirements were that that maze needed to be solved, which I did along the way with a highlighter! I’ll be scanning in and posting the digital maze file with the solved path removed for anyone who wants to try solving;) but I warn you, you’ll need a lot of free time,” she wrote.

“This is soo amazing,” commented a third. “This can be a good treasure map game,” said a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this feat? Would you like to solve it too?

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