What a secret resting cabin for flight crew looks like. Watch

Did you know some planes have a secret cabin that’s off limits for passengers? Well, this video shows a look inside this special compartment that flight crew uses to rest in. The video has left many surprised and prompted a flurry of varied reactions.

Zach Griff, a ‘full-time traveler’ as he describes himself on Instagram, posted a video that shows this hidden room. “Shh… don’t tell anybody but here’s your inside look at the secret ‘crew rest’. This space is off-limits to passengers, and it’s where pilots and flight attendants sleep during long international flights,” he posted along with the video. “The coolest part? On this @americanair 787 Dreamliner, it’s located upstairs above the passenger deck,” he added.

The video shows a narrow door. When the door opens, you can see a few steps leading to the ‘crew rest’. It has three beds on either side with curtains and seat belts. You can also see oxygen cylinders. Take a look at the clip:


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Shared on November 12, the video has collected several reactions from people on Instagram.

“Oh wow, nice! Thanks for giving us a behind-the-scenes look!” wrote an individual. “That’s a neat place to sleep,” posted another. “The crew just let you peak in there? That’s amazing,” reacted a third. “I’d pay plenty for one of those beds,” added a fourth.

What do you think about this secret cabin?

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