Weave it yourself

Compact looms at the Co-optex is open for the public to use and experience the sheer joy of weaving

Compact, mini looms at the Co-optex in Chennai are now open for the public. Visitors are encouraged to use and experience the sheer joy of weaving.

Inhouse weaver M Kandasamy will be present at the centre on weekdays, to provide guidance . For weekends, prior appointments are required. Visitors can use yarn provided by Co-optex and weave mats or handkerchiefs, for a fee of ₹100 per hour.

The event is the brainchild of Mythili Rajendran, IAS, who took over as the Managing Director of Co-Optex last September. She was determined to bring about many changes in the organisation hit by the pandemic.

“I came across 17 mini looms that were in the attic, lying unused for many years. I had six of them repaired, overhauled and made functional. We then decided to establish the loom centre in the premises,” says Mythili, who hopes to popularise the art of weaving.

“For special children, who have to be accompanied by their teacher or parent, we will provide the loom and yarn free of cost. For other schoolchildren, the rates would be subsidised,” says Mythili, adding, “These mini looms are compact and anyone can learn to weave by spending some time on them. The art can be mastered even by a novice.”

The looms can be handled by prior appointment at Co-Optex, Egmore, from 10 am to 5 pm. For details, call 9840925579.

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