We are not kitten when we say these cat videos are purrfect. Check them out

From getting startled by their own meows to ‘fighting’ ribbons, cats of the Internet have been extremely busy this week. After all, it takes effort looking this cute. It is no child’s play capturing netizens’ hearts and minds, in equal capacity. Maybe this is why our feline overlords take Sundays to relax a little while we celebrate them on the last day of the weekend.

So to honour our fluffy and fierce feline friends, here are some of the most entertaining kitty clips that grazed the Internet this week.

Marley, the cat who startled itself with its own meow:

A few questions may arise as you watch this recording. Such as, ‘what was Marley thinking?’ and ‘why did it get so startled?’. We aren’t sure of those answers. But we’re sure of one thing, Marley is an extremely cute looking cat.

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Billi, the cat who loves the word mad:

It looks like this cat has found its catchphrase… or should we say catphrase?

Cat versus blue ribbon:

Sir Bruno Stumpkins ‘fights’ a blue ribbon in this epic battle. Find out who wins by watching the hilarious recording. Spoiler alert: we may be the actual victors for having seen such cute content.

Bruno.stumpkins practicing boxing from r/CatTaps

The tender cat:

This feline, named Jack, is showing his love for his hooman most kindly. Watch the kitty gently tap his pet parent’s chin to express affection.

Do i look crazy YES, but my baby Jack and his love taps are too cute not to share from r/CatTaps

Critic cat:

This kitty’s expression tells you everything you need to know about its opinion on its pet parent’s singing. The feline’s face is not only highly communicative but also hilarious.

Now were those or weren’t those some of the most excellent cat clips you’ve seen this week? We hope they gave you the boost of serotonin you need to take on the coming week.

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