Video of woman jamming out on electric guitar wows netizens. May leave you in awe too

Are you a fan of rock music? Do you like to watch clips of Slash or Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solos on YouTube in your free time? If so, then here’s a recording you must check out. The video shows a woman named Girija Phalke-Marathe jamming out on an electric guitar. Her talent has wowed many on the Internet and may leave you in awe too.

Phalke-Marathe shared this recording on her Instagram account with a caption reading, “Use the hashtag #GuitarWithGirija to show me your tunes”.

The clip shows the woman donning a dark blue coloured suit. She is sitting on a stool with a bright yellow coloured electric guitar in her hands. Phalke-Marathe’s hands move super swiftly and skillfully on the strings of the instrument. Check out the great tunes that she produces:

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If watching that recording made your jaw drop, then know that you’re not alone. This post has accumulated nearly 4,500 likes and many appreciative comments from netizens since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform.

Here are some supportive words that Instagram users left in the comments section of the share. One person said, “Ma’am wow… I want to collaborate with you”.

Another individual wrote, “Star”. “Great skill… I am your fan,” read one comment under the share.

A netizen stated, “Inspiration,” while another declared, “Brilliant”.

If you thoroughly enjoyed watching that, then you can check out more videos showcasing Phalke-Marathe’s musical skills on her Instagram.

What are your thoughts on the share?

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