Tweeple feel this old video shows how 2020 is going, you may find it relatable too

What will you say if someone asks you, “How’s 2020 going?” Most will probably answer by sighing while thinking how different the year turned out to be from what they had imagined. Some may also share memes to showcase their reactions. This Twitter user, however, takes the cake as they shared a video which kind of sums up this year and that too in a very relatable way.

The video, a longer version, was originally shared in 2017, shows a kid named Tydus. The clip shows him pouring juice in two glasses. While taking them outside the kitchen, he accidentally drops one of the glasses. Instantly, the tot cleans up the mess and goes back to refill the cup. What happens next may feel highly retable to the current situation.

Since being shared, the video has amassed close to 49,000 views on Twitter along with several comments. From sharing GIFs to taking a hilarious route to react, the expressions were varied.

“2020 to everybody just trying to find some peace,” wrote a Twitter user and shared a GIF:

Here’s how others reacted:

Did you relate to the video too?

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