Sheriff’s deputy investigates ‘cheetah’ sighting in Oregon. You won’t believe what he found

A sheriff’s deputy in Oregon went to investigate the sighting of a ‘big cat with spots’ that was seen sitting in an elevated position off the road in a neighbourhood in Portland. This inquiry, which was supposed to be rather severe, had a particularly humorous end. Why is that? Well, because the animal that looked like a cheetah to the caller who notified the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office turned out to be a stuffed toy. Here’s what exactly happened.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office shared a post detailing the whole incident on their Instagram and Facebook pages. The share comprises some images with text detailing the whole event.

It reads, “This morning, we received a call from a SW Portlander who reported seeing a big cat with ‘spots’ in an elevated position off the road in the Green Hills neighborhood. The caller said the animal looked like a cheetah, but did not appear to be aggressive. Big cats are not uncommon in this area, cougars have been spotted in the West Hills periodically over the years, but a possible cheetah, this was new for us”.

The text further goes onto state that Deputy Sullivan came to the area to take a look at the scene. He even contacted Oregon Zoo on his way since the neighbourhood was not far from there. However, the Zoo didn’t report any missing animals.

“I used my ninja-like skills to sneak up on the beast. Of course, it sat there dumbfounded that I was able to get so close for a couple of photos. Turns out it was a stuffed animal!” Deputy Sullivan said.

Take a look at the entire post to find out more:

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Since being shared on the Internet, this post has captured the attention of netizens. Here’s what people had to say about the incident.

One Instagram user said, “Wow, that looks real from a distance. Fooled me”. “Funny! Also had this exact giant stuffed animal as a kid,” read one comment under the Facebook post.

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