Saturn, Jupiter and the moon align, netizens flood the Internet with mesmerizing pictures of night sky

If you’re a space enthusiast who enjoys gazing up at celestial bodies, then here are some pictures of an astronomical phenomenon that may be absolutely up your alley.

On Saturday, August 1, Jupiter and Saturn appeared very close to the Moon, reports NASA. This movement meant that a few avid sky watchers were able to observe the three astronomical objects quite clearly, post-sunset.

Some of those who witnessed the phenomenon also took mesmerising pictures and shared them on Twitter. Here are some beautiful shots of the night sky when Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon were distinctly visible in some parts of the globe.

This particular tweeple used a camera with a very long lens to take these photos:

Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon in one frame:

The clouds only seem to add value to these already stunning snapshots:

That is one bright-looking Moon:

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory division’s official Twitter profile also shared an almost three-minute-long video on August 2 explaining the wondrous things one can see in the sky this month. “From the peak of the #Perseid meteor shower to the Moon posing with Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. Here’s some of the great stuff you can see in the sky this August,” read the caption of the tweet which currently has over 1,500 likes.

Check out the recording below to understand what is happening up above us these next 30 days:

What are your thoughts on these images? Did you enjoy the video? Have you marked your calendars in hopes of witnessing other marvellous astronomical phenomena which may be happening soon?

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