People who understand their partner’s needs stay loyal in their relationship

It is always easy to get close or develop a soft corner for someone apart from your partner. However, the difficult task is to stay focused on your relationship and be loyal to your partner. In the current world, thanks to online dating and other social media platforms, it has become a lot more easier to have access to a bigger social circle and meet a lot many more people. Decoding the mantra of a successful relationship based on loyalty and trust, experts try and tell you how people manage to stay loyal to their partners all their lives.


It means that a person understands that in order to reap the benefits of a strong relationship, he/she will have to invest in it by offering the a great level of commitment. Dr Aman Bhonsle, psychosocial analyst says, “To be reciprocal is to be respectful of another person’s requirement from a relationship, which is usually love, care and trust. A person, who understands that the relationship is a two-way bond, where you have to find a way for it to blossom, will always be faithful.”

Good connect

When there is a great amount of faith in a relationship, it is usually because the two partners have connected at a level that is far beyond the physical dimensions. Viveck Shettyy, life coach says, “Faithful partners connect at the mind and energy level that is far deeper and more profound than physicality. This way the loyalty for each other is lasting and enduring.”

Strong foundation

People in many relationships have strong bonds that withstand all the cracks. Kavita Mungi, mental health counsellor says, “When the relationship is based on good values, it is easier for the couple to remain faithful. Many people believe that the concept of marriage is meant for a stable future and sense of dependability. These people believe in the sanctity of faithfulness.”

Role models

Having role models in the house always helps. Bhonsle says, “Role models can be parents, uncles or whoever they are living with. People, who are faithful for such reasons share a relationship based on respect for each other’s unique personality or for the fact that they may not always agree and see each other eye to eye. When people have role models in their house, they realise that there is room for growth in a relationship.”

Need for monogamy

People realise that in order to enjoy a monogamous relationship, they need to be faithful. Bhonsle says, “Your takeaway from the relationship is what you give to it in more ways than one. So, a person who is clear about his/her needs will not stray in a relationship. He/she will understand that their partner also wants similar things for their bond to grow stronger.”

Money matters

Unfortunately, financial security is one of the reasons that make people stick together. Mungi says, “One can be totally cut off monetarily if he/she strays in the relationship. If it is a marriage, it could mean a divorce and huge settlement for either of them.”

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First Published:
Jun 01, 2019 10:06 IST

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