Netizens made scarfs and blankets based on weather of 2020. Check out their impressive artwork

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, then you may have seen the hashtags #TemperatureBlanket and #TemperatureScarf trending on the micro-blogging platform. If you’re a knitting enthusiast, then you probably already know what these terms mean. In fact, you may have even created your very own temperature blanket or scarf. However, if you’re not someone who knits for fun and are wondering what these words mean, then ponder no more. A temperature blanket or scarf is the end product of an exciting art project. Herein, the maker knits or crochets one or two rows every day for a year using threads of varying colours depending on the temperature outside.

With 2020 behind us, many netizens shared pictures of such temperature blankets and scarfs they created based on this past year’s weather. To say that their creations are impressive would be an understatement.

So, here are some posts that tweeple shared showcasing the temperature blankets and scarfs they created. Get prepared to be amazed as you check them out:

This woman’s temperature scarf is 3 meters long and has 732 rows.

That looks super cute, doesn’t it?

Who wouldn’t wish to use such a cosy looking blanket that also reflects the temperature of this past year?

What could be cuter than a cat? A cat in a blanket, of course.

Here are some other similar tweets:

What are your thoughts on these temperature scarfs and blankets? Did you have a favourite or did you like all of them equally?

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