Man transforms old discarded TV sets into ‘tiny houses’ for stray dogs. Watch

Have you ever heard the proverb “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,”? This tale of a man hailing from Assam and his out-of-the-box thinking involving old discarded TV sets perfectly exemplifies the saying. It turns out, Abhijit Dowarah wanted to help the stray dogs in his area and he found a way of doing so by transforming old TV sets into makeshift shelters for the canines.

Taking to Instagram, Dowarah shared a post detailing how he came up with the idea. The post is complete with a video which shows his creation with its inhabitants.

He started the post by explaining that the ‘tiny houses’ are called “Batoor Ghor.” Then he added, “I have been noticing the street dogs from many days. They suffer a lot when it rains, they don’t have any specific place to sleep. Also, some of them are killed by running vehicles. One day I thought to myself that if I build tiny houses for these street dogs, it will be a great relief.”

In the next few lines, he detailed that when a family buys an LCD TV, the old sets are discarded and considered waste products. So, he started collecting such sets and transforming them into suitable kennel for street dogs after removing the unwanted parts.

“I have been placing several of them in the streets. I will try my best to collect more television frames and build such homes. If not, I will collect some wooden boxes and place them in the streets. I won’t be able to complete my mission alone. If you like my work, then I request you all to build such #BAATOR GHOR, write your name and place them in the streets. Also, don’t forget to upload pictures along with the dogs. Your one big step can influence many,” with these lines he concluded the post.

Take a look at the video:

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He also shared a picture of “Batoor Ghor” in another post.

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Both the posts received similar reactions. Netizens couldn’t help but appreciate his efforts. “Good job bro,” wrote an Instagram user. “What a noble work!” shared another. “Respect,” commented a third.

What do you think of this amazing initiative?

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