LU years have been instrumental in my life, says DJ Narain

Lead vocalist of the band ‘Aryans,’ Dharmendra Jai (DJ) Narain says that it has been 33 years since he left Lucknow University but those four years remains most influential, instrumental and exhilarating in his life.

Ahead of his performance on the campus (Tuesday), the civil servant turned singer said, “I sum it like: Four years of Lucknow and how it outweighs all the best moments of my life everywhere else! I got my calling — be it for music, academic interests or other abilities in this university. LU laid the foundation stone of my existence, music and friendships.”

DJ completed his graduation (1983-87) in Economics and Mathematics followed by Masters in Economics. He also did a part-time lectureship for a year in LU.

The ex-director of Film Television Institute of India (FTTI) said, “I was lucky to witness the renaissance period at LU. A lot of norms were being challenged — student politics, idealism, social sector, music and culture. The campus provided me platform to grow in all directions. Today it’s easy to start but then it was not so.”

The singer-musician reminisced good old days and shared, “There were around 15 good pop and rock group within the LU. Each department used to have musical festival. We were group of people who were composing original music, experimenting and had dreams to reach the sky. I was playing with different amateurish groups and then we formed ‘The Dreams’ in 1987 with my musical soulmate Gullu (Dinesh Khushwaha) and others. We dreamt of becoming Beatles of India.”

Ten years after Aryans was formed, which became a rage with ‘Ankhon Main Tera Hi Chehra.’ “We are presently on our own individual soul trips. Hopefully we will jam together again. We remain in touch and are great friends,” he said. DJ is dedicating his show to his father JN Srivastava, a freedom fighter, who unfurled Tricolour in 1937 at the same LU campus during the British raj.

DJ remembers what his teacher once said, “Prof NN Srivastava got a bit philosophical and said something that people come and go every year but you need to leave an impact that remain for years. That left a deep effect on me.”

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