Lok Sabha elections 2019: No adverse report, voter percentage up by 1.03%

The election commission has so far not received any adverse report from the states where votes recorded in electronic voting machines were matched with paper trail slips (VVPAT slips) for the first time during the LS polls, putting to rest concerns about the efficacy and safety of the electronic voting machines, said a functionary aware of the developments.

The commission is still compiling the data from states on the details of the matching process, but there have been no complaints of a mismatch brought to its attention during the recently concluded polls that saw an overall increase of 1.03% in the voting percentage. As per data collated by the EC the overall voter turnout was 67.47% in 2019 as against 66.44% in 2014.

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After the Supreme Court ordered the verification of votes in five polling stations per assembly constituency, the polling body had to undertake verification of 20,625 VVPAT slips in over 4,000 assembly constituencies.

Expressing concerns over the safeguards of EVMs, opposition parties had approached the apex court to pass an order for matching 50% of the votes recorded in EVMs with the VVPAT slips.

The election commission also turned down their request to change the voting protocol by first matching the VVPAT and EVM votes and then carrying out the total counting.

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First Published:
May 26, 2019 07:24 IST

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