Korean YouTuber successfully builds melted cheese fountain, his reaction is almost as amazing as the creation

If you’ve been around the Internet recently, then you may have seen the Korean YouTuber, who runs a channel titled, Tasty Hoon’s viral video. A recording, which was shared on October 28, shows the YouTuber’s attempt at creating a melted cheese fountain. To achieve this goal, the man used, well you may have suspected this already, cheese, and, something rather unexpected, a chocolate fountain. If you’ve seen the video, then you may already know how that experiment turned out. However, if you haven’t checked it out, worry not. Just click here and get prepared for a laughter fest.


Now, Tasty Hoon is back again and is giving his dream of creating a melted cheese fountain another try. The YouTuber seems to have taken four days to decode and understand the reasons behind his failure.

Check out the new and innovative technique he is using, and more importantly, if it’s working or not:

Now wasn’t that just amazing? There may be nothing sweeter than watching someone want something, work towards achieving it, fail, try again, and then finally succeed. Not only is it utterly satisfying to watch the YouTuber enjoy his chicken with some melted cheddar cheese, but his expression after seeing the concoction’s success is just the cherry on the cake. Or should we say cheese on the chicken?

Well, if you thoroughly enjoyed watching all 13 minutes of that video, then know that you’re alone. Netizens showered the recording with a whole lot of love. Since being shared to the video-sharing platform on November 1, this post has garnered over 1.1 million views. Additionally, the video has over 25,000 likes and many appreciative comments.

Here is what people had to say about Tasty Hoon’s victory. One person said, “This man has been on a journey. He didn’t give up after his fondue machine tried to retaliate and he learned from his mistakes. And now… delicious victory”.

Another individual wrote, “This is the type of happy ending energy we need for 2020”. “I’ve never been so happy for a man in my life,” read one comment under the video.

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