Janhvi Kapoor remembers Sridevi on Diwali: ‘My mom always said we should wear something new and bright’

The young actress of Bollywood, Janhvi Kapoor, who recently came back to home, Mumbai for Diwali, was at her mom Sridevi’s ancestral home in Chennai for one week. Talking about her memorable time, the Gunjan Saxena actress told E Times, “My mom’s maternal, ancestral house is in Chennai, and for a long time, we couldn’t stay there as some renovations needed to be done. Papa finally managed to get it done. It is a beach house, which was mom’s dream. We were so busy with our lives in Mumbai that we never paid attention to doing up this house. Kudos to my dad that he could pull it off in the midst of the pandemic. I’m so happy with what he has done with the house, and he’s so emotional about it. He told Khushi and me, ‘It was your mom’s dream, and she always wanted both of you to spend time in this house’. So, this was a very special trip for all of us, and to meet her side of the family after so long was great.”


Speaking about Diwali preparations in Mumbai, Janhvi said, “My mom would always say that on the day of Diwali, on New Year and our birthdays, we should wear something new and bright. I will definitely wear something new, and I will be dressing up after a really long time, so I am excited about it. We will do a small puja at home like we always do, and that will be our celebration.” Talking about the prepping the house for the festival, she added, “My mom had a well-oiled system for what had to be done and all the prep that was required for the festival at home. So, our main house staff sets up the house and decks it up with lights, flowers and diyas.”

Recalling her pre-Diwali period in Chennai, she asserted, “When we used to visit mom’s Chennai house as kids, we would go out on the streets to see the lights, and then get together and have delicious South Indian delicacies and mango juice. I was always obsessed with mango juice for some reason, and I guess since then I associate mango juice with Diwali.”

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