International Cat Day: Cat parents in Delhi-NCR share pawsome lessons from kitties

You could be the ruler of the world, but your feline friend would still have something to teach you. Often Bollywood actors have said the same about their cute kitties. While Nimrat Kaur wrote “Paws and reflect” on her Insta post on #coronachronicles with her cat, Alia Bhatt called her cat her “calm in every storm…” So, on International Cat Day, August 8, we ask some pet parents in Delhi-NCR about what life lessons they have learnt from their purry friends.

Peace is the key!

Fashion designer Nida Mahmood shares that her cat Mr Toffee Tinkerbell has taught her to believe that things always fall into place. “Patience and being zen is what he teaches me. Nothing affects him! I marvel at his ability and try to emulate it in my attitude during testing times,” says Mahmood.


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It’s time this isn’t just a ‘day to post something relevant’ on our timelines. We need to live this day, every single day. As if it were all we’ve ever had, and all we’ll ever get. About time we stopped-noticed every little decision we make-commit to making responsible, fair, aware choices. As with even the most insignificant choice and decision we either add or take away from our mother home. It’s always been up to us. All of this. And it always will be. #EarthDay @earthdaynetwork #50Years 🌏♥️ #Kaurantined #StayHome #CoronaChronicles

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A similar sentiment is shared by Noida-based fashion designer Sanskriti Jain. Her two-year-old cat Sheldon has been a constant source of love and emotional support. “I think just watching him sleep so easily and not caring about anything taught me to not take stress. It has been a difficult time for all of us, and I think we cared a lot and took a lot of stress. It’s time to be at ease,” says Jain.

Fascination with everything

Ghost, a gorgeous white cat in the Asthana household, spends his time cuddling in different laps all day long. “For cats, every moving thing is entertainment… When we’d mull how boring our days had become, Ghost would be out chasing butterflies, or lounging in the sun. He made us realise how rare it’s nowadays to slow down and notice the birds singing or flowers blooming,” says Abhishek Asthana, Wing Commander, Indian Air Force.

For his wife, Seema, the cats have served another purpose: “Our cats are self-sufficient — they clean themselves, hunt for food, and are absolutely independent. My sons have so much to learn from these little beings.”

Sleep is sacrosanct

Delhi-based Karnvir Singh, a graphic designer, says he has begun to value his sleep schedule because of the 20 cats around him. “It doesn’t matter how good boiled chicken or biryani smells; they don’t wake up! They sleep around me, and helped me understand how important sleeping for 10 straight hours is. And it sure feels good,” says Singh, who stays alone and the cats have ensured that he never feels lonely.


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my calm in every storm.. ☂️☀️

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Singh adds, “Guess what? They have started typing, too, now! Writing ‘asdnabfhasjd2’ on WhatsApp is now more frequent than ever, and I don’t mind telling the person at the other end of the phone that my cat did it. If kids can, then why can’t these babies play mischief mongers?”

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