‘I didn’t cry, I learnt to fight’: Dadarao Bilhore, who aims to make Mumbai ‘pothole-free’

A vegetable vendor, Dadarao Bilhore has been filling potholes ever since he lost his son to an accident caused by a pothole. Reiterating that filling potholes isn't impossible without government support, he shared in the YoursWisely video that out of 1.15 crore people, even if 1 lakh people help, all potholes can be filled.

After a pothole cost vegetable vendor Dadarao Bilhore his son’s life, he began filling potholes in Mumbai. “I lost my own son. But no one else should lose theirs. So I took one step forward and slowly started filling potholes. I didn’t cry, I learnt to fight,” shared Dadarao Bilhore in this YoursWisely video.

Reiterating that filling potholes is possible even without any support from the government, he wants more people to join him in his mission to make not just Mumbai, but the entire country pothole-free. “I have taken up the mission to fill potholes. I won’t rest until I complete my mission. With a population of 1.15 crore, even if one lakh step up to fill potholes, India can become pothole-free,” he mentioned.

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