Himanshi Kohli on trolls messaging him saying ‘Bhai Nehu ki shaadi ho gayi’: I’m happy for the newlywed couple and I’m happy for myself

The fun of being on social media has been ruined by the faceless trolls that would stop at nothing and would not consider the feelings of the person before jumping the gun and passing comment or messaging anything that comes to their mind. Ever since their breakup, a lot of people have been trolling both Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar. They had been dating for a while before they called it quits a couple of months ago. Neha found love in Rohanpreet Singh, a singer. They married in October this year and since Himansh has been targetted by the nasty trolls on social media. He recently debunked a video in which we saw a badly bruised Himansh apologising to Neha. And now, he has opened up on the baseless trolling that happens day-in and day-out on a daily basis.

Himansh has a message for all the trolls. He wants them to stop bringing Neha’s name in their texts and messages. In an interview with India Today, Himansh said, “I have been ignoring such memes, DMs, comments, mentions, posts, etc. for two years now. I have been subjected to pathetic statements on social media which have literally spoilt my mood at that moment. Think about it, you are talking about your happy day, your special moment, your new project, or simply wishing someone happy birthday, and all the comments below are about your past relationship which didn’t work out. I still get those and I thought it’s time to put it to end once and for all.”

For trolls who keep messaging him reminding that Neha is now married that Yaariyaan actor says that he is happy for her and himself. “I really want to request everyone who comments, ‘Bhai Nehu ki shaadi ho gayi’, ki mujhe pata hai! I’m happy for the newlywed couple and I’m happy for myself. I am sick of this baseless trolling. And if people are really interested in only making fun of me, at least talk about relevant and recent things,” Himansh added.

Talking about the fake video in which he was seen as though apologising to Neha, the actor had put up a post that read, “I wonder when such manipulative content will be banned from social media. Who is benefitting from all this nonsense? What’s more upsetting is that people are sharing this actively. Please wake up and stop spreading the hatred and this fake post. Sudhar jao.”

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