Here’s a transformational fellowship programme for girls of Class 8-12

The fellowship programme aims at nurturing ambitious young girls into confident and courageous leaders. A total of 50 fellows from classes 8-12 will be accepted during the first batch.

Women’s workforce participation in India today is a class, region, and age-agnostic problem. Out of 16 per cent of India’s working-age women either engaged in the workforce or seeking paid work, less than 7 per cent are urban dwellers. India produces the largest number of female STEM graduates in the world, but only 14 per cent translates to the workforce.

For these numbers to change for the better, the right kinds of aspirations have to be seeded early on, especially during adolescence. Curated programmes designed for different communities and diverse age groups can contribute to long-lasting impacts.

Wonder Girls has announced the launch of a transformational fellowship programme to nurture and develop ambitious young girls into confident and courageous leaders. The fellowship will be accepting 50 fellows from classes 8-12 during the first batch.

The comprehensive programme is designed around 4 cornerstones: learning directly from a star-studded lineup of leaders, learning with an incredible and high-quality peer group, demonstrating leadership potential through a curated project, and guaranteed access to game-changing internships.

The team and advisors behind the fellowship programme are from institutions such as BITS Pilani, Harvard Business School, University of Oxford, and Columbia University. Candidates can access the comprehensive programme structure, list of participating role models, list of participating organisations, and a list of our advisors at

“Student leaders fellowship is a unique platform for adolescent girls to interact with thought leaders and professional experts from a wide range of fields, in a safe and nurturing environment, amongst an exciting peer group,” Aparna Piramal Raje, Senior Advisor, Wonder Girls

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