Even Tom is trying to make Jerry stay home in this viral video. Watch

Tom may always get bested by Jerry in the famous cartoon but in this real life cat and mouse chase, it’s the kitty that’s winning out and out. What’s interesting is how the cat isn’t looking to make a meal of the rat but focused on keeping it safe inside a shoe.

A video going all kinds of viral shows a cat relentlessly chasing a rat – only to catch it and place it back in a shoe. Of course given the current situation, everyone’s sharing the same message about it – stay home.

Actor and comedian Sunil Grover is among those who have shared the video. “Bola stay at home toh stay at home,” he tweeted.

A longer clip was also tweeted with the same message. “Stay at home, can’t you understand?” it says.

People are loving the messaging in the video. “Right? Sikho kuchh in pets se,” says a Twitter user. “Very nice message Sunil Bhai,” comments another.

For some others, it is a nice reminder of a beloved childhood cartoon series. “Real Tom and Jerry… Now I can die peacefully,” says a commenter.

Well, the next time you have an urge to step out, maybe think about this cat and its untiring effort to keep the mouse at home.

What do you think about this video?

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