Dog’s reaction to its human working from home is priceless

Now that many people are working from home, most of the pets are pretty psyched that they get to spend more time with their humans. Some of the furry creatures are even taking it upon themselves to play the role of their new co-workers. This particular dog, however, had a very different reaction when it noticed that its parent is home all day long day.

“My dog isn’t used to me being home during the day,” wrote a reddit user. Then added that the four-legged animal is so surprised that it keeps on staring at its human from different places around the house.

They redditor also shared a collage of the dog staring at its human from different rooms with it’s head slightly tilted. It’s the confused look on the pooch’s face which adds on to the hilarity.

My dog isn’t used to me being home during the day and is just staring at me from different places around the house. from r/funny

Since being shared, the image has garnered over 1.3 lakh views – and still counting. And, the comments aptly show that people loved the post.

While some wrote that the human is taking up their pet’s personal time, others shared what “thoughts” are running through the dog’s mind:

“Why are you taking up her personal time?” asked a reddit user. “She wants to invite her puppy crew over but is embarrassed how dull you are. Give the puppy space!” joked another.

“I got personal business to attend to and you’re cramping my style,” wittily commented a third. “Don’t you have a job to be at?? How am I supposed to get excited when you get back if you don’t leave!” commented a fourth. “Those little head tilts you got to love them,” wrote a fifth.

Some also shared how their pets are reacting to this new work from home schedule. I normally work from home but my fiance is currently in quarantine with me cause I’m sick (not confirmed or anything just flu symptoms). We have 3 cats here who are used to me but not to him. They sleep on his office chair during the day and the office window and he’s in there yelling at his video games and they are not impressed,” shared a sixth. “Mine’s been cuddling every chance he gets,” expressed another.

Do you have a pet? How’s it coping with you being always there?

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