Dancing for change

Navarasa Nayagi, a dance performance will be presented and performed by transgenders in the city

“I am a transgender and I am proud of it. The people in my community deserve to be treated with respect as any other human being,” says Taslima Nasreen, trustee of Change Trust, an NGO that works with the rehabilitation of transgenders in the city. The organisation in association with Small Differences — that works to uplift the marginalised sections of society — organises Navarasa Nayagi, a Bharathanatyam performance by transgenders from Coimbatore.

The event has been conceptualised by Mohan Vaidya, musician and dancer, and is choreographed by classical dancer Mrudula Rai. “We do not usually get a chance to have a public performance. This event will provide such an opportunity,” says Taslima.

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  • When: June 2; 6:00 pm
  • Where: Hindustan Auditorium, Nava India
  • How: Entry is free
  • Call: 9344833669, 9487582241 for details

The nine dancers are made up of auto drivers, radio jockeys, models, and make-up artists. “Three are trained in dance while the others have been training for the past five months,” explains Taslima, adding “We have Shringara, Hasya, Karuna, Raudra, Veera, Bhayangara, Bheebhatsya, Adbutha and Shanta. I chose the dancers and allotted each one emotion to depict.”

The group performance is based on the concept of Arthanaareshwara. “I believe that all human beings have elements of masculinity and femininity in them. We will have a dancer with half the body painted as Shiva and the other half as Parvathi. This is to convey that, like everyone else, transgenders too have multiple emotions. We are asking everyone to see our talents and stop judging us based on our gender,” she says.

Aseena Begum, one of the dancers, will portray Adbutha. “This is a dream come true. We have our costumes tailored and we will have our final practice wearing it on Wednesday. I am nervous and excited at the same time.”

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