Chandigarh feels the chill as maximum temperature drops to 22°C in season’s lowest

The city’s maximum temperature decreased to 22.5°C on Thursday, 4 notches below normal and the lowest this season.

“Due to partly cloudy weather on Thursday, the day temperature went down from 24.1°C on Thursday to 22.5°C on Friday. It may rise by 1 to 2 degrees in the next few days. However, as the end of November is approaching, both the maximum and minimum temperatures will drop further,” said an official at the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The minimum temperature also decreased slightly from 11.7°C on Wednesday to 11.2°C on Thursday. As per IMD, Delhi, due to a low pressure area forming over the Arabian Sea, the night temperature in the region may decrease by two to four degrees in the next three days.

Due to relatively higher humidity, fog and mist are also likely, especially in the open areas in the morning and evening.

Through the weekend, the day and night temperatures are likely to remain around 23°C and 11°C, respectively.

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